Individual Therapy

Will Counselling Really Help?

If you’re checking out this website, chances are you’re asking yourself this question on some level. Or at least, have been recently.  I’m glad you’re asking it, and I think I can help…

People are incredibly complex, in large part, because who you are is never a static thing, never standing still.  Our life stories – our experiences, our learnings, our bodies, our intellects, our emotions, our relationships – are all constantly changing, growing, adapting and moving forward.  This is just life, of course. And all of these parts of us weave through and around, and bump up against each other in new and complicated (and yes, sometimes painful) ways.

But even when our lives keep moving forward, we can (and often do) become overwhelmed. We get “stuck.” And in this “stuck,” we all respond to it a little bit different.  Sometimes we get angry. Sometimes we run away. Sometimes we shut down.

Psychotherapy is a process by which we can become unstuck. First and foremost, it’s a relationship – a relationship that focuses on not only understanding the things that challenge us, but also helping us find the tools to overcome them.

Psychotherapy can be a really great solution. The process can be a compass in times when you feel lost, a blanket in times when you feel cold, or a way of reconnecting with yourself in times when you feel detached.

I’d love to start this process with you.  CONNECT with me today.